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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of the Childcare Fund?

Our mission is to increase our members’ accessibility to high quality affordable childcare. The fund works to offer a variety of programs for fund-eligible TWU Local 100 members that will meet their childcare needs. The TWU Local 100 NYCTA Childcare Fund is dedicated to assisting parents in integrating their work and family responsibilities.

Where does the Child Care Fund get its Funds?

From the TWU Local 100 TA/OA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

How will I know when it is time to register?

Members should visit the Childcare Fund Website or call the Childcare Fund Office at (718) 780-8700.

Must I reapply every year?


Is there one registration for both the Summer and Fall Voucher Program?

Yes. The one time registration period is typically at the beginning of the year between February and March.

Can supervisors or retirees apply?


What if I am on probation during the time of registration?

You are eligible to apply after 90 days of employment.

I am a grandparent/relative/foster care parent/adopted parent of the child, can I still benefit from the Childcare Fund Programs?

Yes, however, your certified court document(s) proving your legal guardianship must be uploaded to your application.

I am a MTA employee step parent of a child, how can I apply?

Yes. Your ORIGINAL marriage license must be uploaded to your application.

I am currently serving overseas in the Armed Services, can I have someone register in my name?

Yes. Please have your designated Power of Attorney contact us for further assistance. He/she must provide a copy of your Armed Service Order, along with proof of their Power of Attorney status.

I am currently an active TA/OA/MTA Bus member, but I am out on workers comp and I wish to register; what should I do?

Please contact the Fund for further information.

Do I need to have all my documents at the time of registration?

Yes! You must upload the following documents to your application each year that you apply: your pass, your last 2 consecutive pay stubs, child's original birth certificate, child's original social security card, and child's medical insurance card.

What if my child is not covered by my health insurance?

You must submit proof of health insurance that your child is covered by.

I have not chosen a Fall or Summer Camp provider yet. Can I still register?

Yes. You will be given a deadline to submit that information.

What is the difference between a priority application and a waiting-list application?

The Childcare Fund tries to accept at least one child into a Summer or Fall voucher program from every member who applies, if possible. Any additional children will be on a waiting-list and be accepted if availability arises.

How can I increase my chances of getting approved for the voucher benefit?

Selection is done on a first to apply, first serve basis.

How will I know if I have been approved or denied?

You will receive a letter in the mail.

I have been approved for the voucher, what now?

The Childcare Fund will mail you an approval packet which consists of a set of contracts. Make sure that you and your provider fill them out and return the original contracts back by the deadline. Not doing so will void your application.

Can I use a provider that is not licensed?

Summer Voucher, No.

Fall Voucher, Yes.

Your provider must be over the age of 19 and not residing in your household. Your provider cannot be the parent or legal guardian of the child(ren). Your voucher benefit will be at a lower rate ($160 per month or 20% of the monthly cost; whichever is less) for a non-licensed provider.

Can I use a provider out of New York State?


What kind of Summer Camps/Daycares/After School Programs are not covered by the Childcare Fund?

Specialty Programs:

•Martial Arts •Ballet •Tutoring •Sleep Away Camps •Gymnastics •Sports

Children that are in Kindergarten and up only qualify for before school and after school assistance. Registration fees, food, transportation, and clothing are also not covered by our voucher program.

How old does my child have to be for Day Care & After School Programs?

Newborn to 12 years old by September 1st. See our Fall Voucher Program page.

What is the current Fall Voucher Program benefit amount?

$320 per month or 40% of the monthly cost; whichever is less (if using a licensed provider).

$160 per month or 20% of the monthly cost; whichever is less (if using a non-licensed provider).

How does the payment system work for the Fall Voucher Program?

At the end of every month you must submit an attendance sheet. The check will then go to your provider.

How long does the Fall Voucher benefit last?

•September-August: Newborn - 5 years old

•September to June: 6 years - 12 years old

How old does my child have to be for the Summer Voucher Program?

6 years to 12 years old by July 1st. For more information, see our Summer Voucher Program page.

What is the current Summer Voucher Program benefit amount?

$1000 or 50% of the summer camp cost; whichever is less.

I already paid my provider upfront in full (Summer/Fall Program), now what?

The voucher check will only go to your provider. You would need to request reimbursement or credit from your provider.

Can my spouse or provider call and check the status of my payments?

Spouse, No.

Provider, Yes.

What happens if my Childcare Fund benefit is taxable?

The taxes will be deducted from your voucher check and you will receive a W-2 at the end of the year.

How do I change my childcare provider?

Fax, email, walk-in, or mail us a letter requesting a provider change. Please always include your pass number on all documentation.

How many times can I change my childcare provider?

The Plan of Benefits allows you to change your Fall Voucher Provider twice and Summer Voucher once.

Can I use more than one Fall/Summer Camp provider?


I no longer need my childcare benefit. How do I cancel?

If you want to cancel your benefit you must notify the Childcare Fund by fax, email, walk-in, or mail. This courtesy allows us to offer the benefit to other members whose children are on the waiting list.

How can I get an application for the Newborn Stipend Program?

Contact the Childcare Fund office and we will mail the application to you, or pick up an application in person. It is available to members who are on probation. You can submit this application up until your child turns one year old. You must apply for a time period when you have exhausted all of your leave balances (AVA, Vacation, Sick, or PLD) and were out of work unpaid due to your newborn. If both parents are members, both can apply for the Newborn Stipend.

How do I get to the Childcare Fund?

2, 3, 4, 5 trains to Borough Hall Station in Brooklyn NY, walk to 195 Montague St.

R train to Court St. Station in Brooklyn NY, walk to 195 Montague St.

A, C, F trains to Jay St.-Metro Tech Station in Brooklyn NY, Transfer for R train 1 stop to Court St, or walk to 195 Montague St.

B25, B26, B38, B41, B52, B103, buses to Cadman Plaza West / Court St, walk to 195 Montague St.